Is there a way to disable right-click in QGIS when drawing

Is there a way to disable right-click in QGIS when drawing

I would like to know if I can disable the rightclick in QGIS. The issue is that I draw polygons that are kind of big, let's say 4000 polygon points. And as you know rightclick brakes the drawing process and you can save or delete what you draw.

But drawing 4k points is terrible for a hand. So it often happens to me that I accidentially click the right mouse button though I was not finished with drawing.

Is there a way to disable it. I mean instead of right click maybe something in the menu to stop drawing?

What you can do to prevent the drawing from being finished too early:

  1. click on the pencil to deactivate the editing mode
  2. perform any move or zoom functions
  3. click on the pencil to enable the editing mode
  4. click on the new polygon icon to resume editing

Using the mousewheel to zoom in and out is also safe.

If it gets too complicated, I usually draw a rough guess of the polygon (avoiding any snapping), save the object and then use theadd vertextool in higher zoom levels to add or move the polygon vertices into the exact position.

You can try just simply to start digitizing your polygon, and after 100-200 points you stop it. And after you can continue with the reshape feature button. Or another way is to make with the snap to function features, and if it happens to close the feature with the right click, you could just merge the features.

One option is that you instead of drawing the feature as a polygon, you draw it as a line. If you accidentally hit right button, you use the Reshape tool as described above by clicking on the end point of the line. This tool is much more useful when drawing lines compared to polygons. You can just continue drawing until you're back where you started (or accidentally hit right button, then continue again).

Note! Make sure you don't click at the first point of the line when you're done since it will automatically just keep the part you just drew.

When you're done you convert your polyline layer to polygons withPolylines to polygonfunction in QGIS.